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During the black caviar evaluation we pay attention to great importance of the way the fish is cared for on the farm. The caviar business requires a lot of attention and investment, because sturgeons mature for many years before they give the first caviar.

It is important that the reservoir is saturated with oxygen. So that the food base consists not only of specialized feed, but also of what sturgeons eat in the wild (for example, sprat or herring). On a good farm, experienced professionals monitor the health of the fish, selecting only the best individuals to increase the herd.
We have visited a huge number of farms for decades and we know what a completely new level of sturgeon farming and black caviar production should be. These are large and powerful farms where production is carried out in a full cycle: from the eggs from which the fish appears to the caviar obtained from this fish when it grows. The real magic of nature is in the hands of man!

Farms are open water cages. For the fish to develop correctly and subsequently have the highest taste the conditions of its keeping should correspond to the natural as much as possible.

From the wintering basin the live hard-roed fish is then transferred for washing and then to an operating table for withdrawal of roe. Percentage of caviar obtained is usually 9 – 11% of the fish weight. A roe from each fish is collected in a separate bowl and is further transferred to the caviar manufactory through the intermediate window for further processing.

When transferring, roes are weighed. After weighing the eggs are sorted by maturity, colour, egg size, seed coat strength, smell, and taste. Then roes go through the sieve for screening to dispose of films

Receiving such wealth from nature it is impossible not to think about its salvation and revival. We are very close to such an environmentally friendly philosophy of our partners!

We cannot turn back the clock or restore riverbeds, but we can influence sturgeon numbers by regularly releasing juveniles into the wild with the hope that these steps will save the population of amazing fish for the future.
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