Volzhenka produces artisan caviar using leading sustainable practices and cruelty-free principles, developed through decades of research. All our sturgeon are pure-bred, their DNA direct from their wild Caspian Sea ancestors, and our farms use natural spring water. That’s why you can experience the wild taste of caviar.
Wild Caviar taste of Astrakhan
The Volzhenka family shery has been cultivating caviar on the Caspian Sea for more than half a century. Dedicated tohonouring the unique heritage of this ancient tradition, Volzhenka produces the wildest and most authentic taste oforiginal Caspian caviar
Astrakhan Caspian Sea farm
Volzhenka’s agship farm ‘Beluga’ was born out of an Astrakhan-based research centre, dedicated to studying and preserving the sturgeon breed since 1996. Today, Beluga is renowned as one of the most technologically-advanced caviar farms in the world

Our cages are housed in more than two hectares of fresh, owing Volga water, and our sharefed with sprat and Caspian herring – just as they would in the wild
Greece Flagship EU farm
Volzhenka's EU agship farm is based in Drama Greece. This farm has been carefully selected by Evgeny the founder of Beluga farm after searching for that rare gem in Europe
Italy EU farm
The Italian farm is based in Bovologne, Italy. There are 2 types of sturgeons that are produced in our farm -Beluga and Siberian sturgeon. The caviar is very creamy and has a distinctive very fresh taste.
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