SEVRUGA Caspian Gold

Caspian Gold
Caspian Gold is a brand that aims to find the best caviar experiences globally. Sevruga caviar is the epitome of luxury and pleasure. It is a unique delicacy with an unparalleled taste and texture that captivates the hearts of caviar connoisseurs. The medium-sized, bright eggs have a delicate and smooth texture, melting on the tongue and leaving an unforgettable aftertaste. Sevruga caviar boasts an exquisite aroma of marine freshness and a velvety saltiness. We invite you to indulge in this exceptional delicacy, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your table.
Unique health benefits:
  1. Rich in nutrients: Black caviar is a high source of protein, vitamins (including vitamins A, D, E, and B group), minerals (such as iron and phosphorus), and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart and brain health.
  2. Heart health support: Black caviar contains Omega-3 fatty acids that can help lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation in the body, potentially reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Cognitive enhancement: The Omega-3 fatty acids in black caviar promote brain health and may help improve cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, and learning.
  4. Antioxidant properties: Black caviar contains antioxidants that combat free radicals in the body and protect cells from damage.
Black caviar can be enjoyed on its own to savor its exquisite taste and texture. It is often served with toast, blinis, or croissants. It pairs well with butter, cream, sour cream, or onions to create more complex and flavorful dishes

Икра Севрюги - это изысканное воплощение роскоши и удовольствия. Это уникальный деликатес с неповторимым вкусом и текстурой, который покоряет сердца ценителей икры. Яркие, среднего размера яйца обладают нежной и гладкой текстурой, растворяясь на языке и оставляя неповторимый послевкусие. Икра Севрюги обладает изысканным ароматом морской свежести и бархатистой солоноватостью. Предлагаем вам насладиться этим превосходным деликатесом, добавив штрих элегантности и роскоши к вашему столу.

Class: Standard