Jerky Dried Salmon Set

Dried wild-caught pink salmon. A healthy seafood delicacy with a high content of protein, vitamins C, E, group B, micro- and macroelements, Omega-3. Low salt content. Low salt content. Packed in bright vacuum bags of 90 g each. Convenient to use as a snack. Beautifully served as a snack with chips and pink salmon slices.
Nutritional value (average values) per 100g: proteins - 42g, fats - 14g.
Energy value per 100g: 228kcal/1263kJ.
Shelf life at temperatures from - 2ºС to + 25ºС- no more than 5 months.
Shelf life after opening the sealed package at a temperature from 2ºC to 4ºC is no more than 5 days within the established expiration date indicated on the consumer packaging.
Low sugar
Wild caught
Rich in Omega 3's
Shelf life: 5 months

Weight: 270 g